Everything related to producing and delivering electrical energy for starting the car engine and keeping it running


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PIERBURG® 7.02604.07.0
Lambda Sensor

Lambda Sensor: Heated Voltage: 12 V Conductor Number: 4 conductor Cable Length: 450 mm


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OSRAM® 64210-01B
Bulb, cornering light

Socket Type: PX26d Quantity: 1 Rated Power: 55 W Voltage: 12 V Bulb Type: H7


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OSRAM® 9005
Bulb, fog light

Socket Type: P20d Rated Power: 60 W Voltage: 12 V Bulb Type: HB3


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MAGNETI MARELLI® 008507100000

Socket Type: BAU15s Rated Power: 21 W Voltage: 12 V Bulb Type: PY21W


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FAE® 33225
Sender Unit, intake air temperature

Housing Colour: Black Number of Poles: 2 terminal


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FAE® 40510
Switch, reverse light

Housing Colour: Black Thread Size: M 12x1,5 Number of Poles: 2 terminal


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Bulb, brake/tail light

Socket Type: BAY15d Quality: D Rated Power: 21/5 W Voltage: 12 V Bulb Type: P21/ 5W


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Starter Battery

Length: 207 mm Hold-down Type: B13 Cold-test Current, EN: 450 A Width: 175 mm Voltage: 12 V Battery Capacity: 47 Ah Post Positions: 0 Terminal Type: EN Terminal Type: 1 Height: 175 mm


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HELLA® 8GH 007 157-121

Inspection Tag: ECE Light Design: Halogen Socket Type: PX 26 d Rated Power: 55 W Voltage: 12 V Bulb Type: H7


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BOSCH® 0 986 017 120

Winkelmaß Maulöffnung: 105 ° Flange Ø: 68 mm Length: 210 mm Pinion Rest Position: 18.5 mm Starter Type: Self-supporting Rated Voltage: 12 V Bore Ø 2: 8.5 mm Bore Ø: 8.5 mm Number of mounting bores: 2 Position / Degree: links ° Number of Teeth: 9 Number of Teeth: 10 Service exchange part: Clamp: 30,50 Rated Power: 0.9 kW Rotation Direction: Clockwise rotation Number of Thread Bores: 0


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HELLA® 6PU 009 163-031
Pulse Sensor, flywheel

Sensor Type: Inductive Sensor Rated Voltage: 12 V Resistance: 2700 Ohm Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info: with seal Supplementary Article/Info 2: without cable Number of mounting bores: 1 Number of connectors: 2


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BOSCH® 1 987 302 206
Bulb, auxiliary stop light

Socket Type: W2,1x9,5d Rated Power: 5 W Voltage: 12 V Bulb Type: W5W