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Mobil® 201510301042
Axle Gear Oil

Customs tariff number: 2710198 Oil - manufacturer recommendation: API CF Oil - manufacturer recommendation: AAE Group B5 Manufacturer Release: VW 501 01 / 505 00 Manufacturer Release: MB-Approval 229.1 Capacity: 60 l Capacity: 4 l Capacity: 208 l Capacity: 1 l Oil Viscosity Classification SAE: 10W-40 Packaging length: 58.5 cm Packaging length: 40.8 cm Packaging length: 39 cm Packaging length: 38.1 cm Packing Type: Canister Packing Type: Bottle Packing Type: Barrel Packaging height: 88.8 cm Packaging height: 65.2 cm Packaging height: 26.7 cm Packaging height: 23.5 cm Packaging width: 58.5 cm Packaging width: 38.1 cm Packaging width: 28.9 cm Packaging width: 23 cm Specification: API SL Specification: ACEA A3/B3 for components see parts list: Oil: Part Synthetic Oil Brand: Mobil Super 2000 SAE: 10W-40