International company with headquarters in Michigan, United States. TRW produces advanced safety systems for automotive industry. BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen and many other manufacturers choose TRW as original equipment supplier for production lines.


Facilities around the world


Employees working in the company

TRW portfolio

Electronics – active and passive safety systems. Starting from driver assist systems and ending safety, chassis, remote frequency and powertrain electronics.

Chassis – active safety systems that include steering systems, foundation brakes, slip control, actuation, suspension and chassis aftermarket.

Occupant Safety Systems – passive safety systems that include airbags, seat belts and steering wheels.

Need brake parts you can trust? TRW brake parts give you peace of mind delivering the quality you’d expect. TRW offers a wide range of applications for passenger cars, including disc and drum brake solutions that cover the full spectrum from cost optimized to high performance brake solutions for small car to luxury vehicle segments.

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Clutch/ Parts

Major components of modern clutch: pressure plate, discs, flywheel, release bearings and many more


Maintenance Service Parts

All kind of components required to keep you vehicle in good shape: brake pad sets, filters, belts, wiper blades, spark plugs and many more



Subsystem responsible for transferring rotation of the steering wheel to the road wheels. Includes joints, linkages, tie rods, hydraulic parts and sensors



Group of damp shock absorbing devices in most cases includes coil springs, cushions and shock absorbers


Brake System

Components designed for slowing down vehicle by friction between brake discs and pads controlled by electronics



Everything related to producing and delivering electrical energy for starting the car engine and keeping it running


Axle Mounting/ Steering/ Wheels

Components installed in the wheel location and responsible for various functions, starting from stabilizing, ending tyre pressure control