GDB4602 - Brake Pad Set, disc brake


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Premium quality brake pad set. This set has four pads so you will need only one product to replace pads on the entire axle.

  Dimensions and size
Height 17 mm
Length 137.6 mm
Thickness 17 mm

This product was manufactured by TRW Automotive who develop braking and safety systems for automotive industry. BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen and many other manufacturers choose TRW as original equipment supplier for production lines.

Pads are covered by Cotec coating. You might know there is a period in changed brake pad behavior when the friction coefficient is lower than usual. You can find it difficult to adjust during first stops. Cotec coating address exactly this issue making brake pads behave with optimal performance on first stops right after you leave the garage.

Inspection Tag E9 90R - 01120/2590
Wear Warning Contact with acoustic wear warning
Manufacturer Restriction MANDO
Weight 1.22 Kg
Barcode: 3322938078867
Taxcode: 87083091

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Brake Pad Set, disc brake

Rear Axle Length: 138 mm Weight: 1.25 kg Thickness: 16 mm Width: 46 mm


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A.B.S.® 38428
Brake Pad Set, disc brake

Thickness/Strength 1: 17 mm Width 1: 137 mm Weight: 1.17 kg Height 1: 46 mm

Body Model Produced KW HP CCM
CADIL CTS 2.8 2008-01 - ... 155 211 2792
CADIL CTS 3.0 2008-01 - ... 203 276 2997
CADIL CTS 3.6 2008-01 - ... 229 311 3564
CHEVR CAMARO 3.6 2011-09 - 2015-12 241 328 3564
Original Equipment Numbers





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