BREMBO 09.5708.75 - Brake Disc

No longer deliverable by the manufacturer

This is the one single brake disc. If you plan to change discs on the entire axle then you should buy two products.

  Dimensions and size
Brake Disc Thickness 20 mm
Centering Diameter 64 mm
Height 44 mm
Minimum thickness 18 mm
Outer Diameter 253 mm

The special shape of the grooves on Brembo® Max™ discs developed for outstanding braking performance in all conditions, especially on slick surfaces. The unique design optimizes road performance of Brembo® Max™ brake discs, quickly restores the optimum braking conditions and ensures continuous renewal of the friction material. Brembo® Max disc is a perfect product for the enthusiast who needs more responsive brake pedal and highly efficient braking.

Brake Disc Type internally vented
Brake Disc Type Slitted
Number of Holes 4
Surface Coated
Tightening Torque 100 Nm
Weight 4.651 Kg

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