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Sensor, crankshaft pulse

Plug Type ID: Black Plug Number of connectors: 2


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Engine Mounting

Rear Mounting Type: Rubber-metal Bearing Weight: 1.12 kg


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BILSTEIN® 24-065580
Shock Absorber

Front Axle Shock Absorber Mounting Type: Top pin Shock Absorber Mounting Type: Bottom eye Shock Absorber Design: Spring-bearing Damper Shock Absorber Type: Gas Pressure


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LuK® 511 0097 10
Master Cylinder, clutch


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Tie Rod End

Length: 160 mm Thread Type: with right-hand thread Thread Type: with internal thread Width: 40 mm Thread Size: M14x1.5 Height: 76 mm


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SASIC® 0004534
Steering Gear

Operating Mode: Manual for OE number: 400053 Vehicle Equipment: for vehicles without power steering


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ELRING® 144.000
Gasket, cylinder head

Diameter: 85 mm Thickness: 1.74 mm


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SACHS® 802 060
Top Strut Mounting

Rear Axle Quantity per Axle: 2


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LPR® A1013P
Brake Disc

Diameter: 255 mm Centering Diameter: 68 mm for article number: A1013P Number of Holes: 5 Brake Disc Thickness: 12 mm Minimum thickness: 10 mm Brake Disc Type: Solid Height: 39.7 mm


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Belt Tensioner, v-ribbed belt

Outer diameter: 65 mm Weight: 0.75 kg Width: 29 mm


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Brake Pad Set, disc brake

Front Axle Inspection Tag: R90 Homologated Length: 158 mm Wear Warning Contact: prepared for wear indicator Supplementary Article/Info 2: with piston clip Weight: 1.67 kg Brake System: ATE Thickness: 19.5 mm Width: 58 mm WVA Number: 20757 WVA Number: 20629


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LPR® 05P354
Brake Pad Set, disc brake

for article number: 05P354 Brake System: AKEBONO Thickness: 16 mm Width: 127.8 mm Height: 50.3 mm